Independent Technology Valuation and Assessment
Independent Technology Valuation and Assessment
Max Bloomfield
J. Brooks Dougherty
About Us
Gnomon Logic was founded in 2010 by J. Brooks Dougherty, C.F.A. and Max O. Bloomfield, Ph.D.  It serves the venture capital, institutional investor, and private equity firm communities in assessing current and future capital market value of technology-based firms.

GnomonsSundial Bridge at Turtle Bay
We often get questions about our name. The word gnomon (pronounced NOH-mon, from the Ancient Greek γνώμων, meaning "that which reveals or discerns") is most often used to mean the upright piece of a sundial, which casts the shadow. The first gnomons were vertical sticks or staffs, but they have evolved as our understanding of the Earth's movement around the sun has increased.

Modern sundials use triangular gnomons with a shadow-casting edge that runs parallel to the axis of the Earth, allowing them to discern equal hours on any day of the year. The largest gnomon of this type is likely the cantilever spar of the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay located in Redding, California, pictured to the right. The largest vertical gnomon explicitly part of a sundial is Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan, casting its shadow on the neighboring Sundial Park.

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